Portuguese for Foreigners

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Schola divides the Portuguese (for Foreigners) Course into 4 Modules.

Modules I, II and III suggest a 70-hour workload each. Since Module IV is a maintenance unit, also offering the student the opportunity to deepen his/her knowledge of the language, the workload will be defined by the student and/or company.

Our courses are entirely personalised, always respecting our students’ needs and learning abilities, which accounts for the variation in their proficiency acquisition time. That is why we do not predetermine a workload for each of the modules.

Although we suggest 70 hours[1] for modules I, II and III, there are students who reach proficiency level much earlier, considering individual talent, effort, commitment, attendance, exposure and daily use of the language.

The way each student relates to the language directly affects his/her learning progress. It makes a huge/ big difference if the student is in touch with Brazilians (or makes an effort to). A student that uses Portuguese on a daily basis, either at work or in their leisure time, will develop proficiency much faster than those who use their mother tongue or English for their business dealings or those who are chiefly in touch with other expatriates in their spare time, rather than with Brazilians.

The Schola teacher’s role is that of a facilitator, by being attentive to his/her students’ needs, by helping them overcome their difficulties so they will eventually become independent (learners).

[1] There are cases in which the workload may be cut down by 50%.

Constant cancellations will impair the students’ development.